Meet Barney Miller, a quadriplegic surfer who inspires Mick Fanning

Growing up on the beaches of Sawtell, Australia, Barney Miller dreamt of a life as a professional surfer.

When Gold Coast world surfing champion Mick Fanning says someone inspires him, they must be impressive.

Meet Barney Miller, who Fanning, one of surfing’s toughest competitors, lauds as one of the strongest people he knows.

Mr Miller, 37, has spent 17 years defying medical expectations after a car he was a passenger in smashed into a tree at 120km/h.

He went from aspiring pro surfer to months in intensive care and spinal units with doctors telling him he would never breathe unassisted or use his right arm or legs.

Now, he not only breathes on his own, but can stand and is even back in the ocean pursuing his passion for surfing.

He also hopes to start a family with longtime partner Kate Miller — they delayed the wedding until last year so he could stand at the service.

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