Herbie and Nathan Fletcher: Peninsula South

Herbie and Nathan Fletcher: Peninsula South from Nixon.

Nixon brings together larger-than-life surf legends Herbie and Nathan Fletcher for a road trip down memory lane in a new short film entitled Peninsula South, where the father and son team head down to Baja and revisit some old haunts from previous adventures. Director Riley Blakeway captures Herbie’s pioneering spirit and the close-knit relationship he has built with his son Nathan as they set out on an expedition they’ve not made together in over twenty years, reignites both their love for Baja and their deep appreciation for one another. By the late 60s, Herbie had already begun exploring Baja in search of un-crowded lineups and adventure. As his life moved forward, he built a family who share his love of travel, and who have joined him countless times to explore the fickle southern peninsula. On this latest mission, Nathan discusses his father’s contagious, childlike enthusiasm for surfing and life, and shares how he hopes to pass those ideals down to the next Fletcher generation. See more at

Featuring Nathan & Herbie Fletcher
Directed by Riley Blakeway
Cinematography by Riley Blakeway & Matt Wybenga
Original Music by Sasami Ashworth
Archival Footage by Herbie Fletcher
Produced by Mike Murciano, Terry Snyder & Adrianna Bonilla
Music Performance by Joo-Joo Ashworth
Music Engineering by Lena Simon
Art Director Terry Snyder
Executive Producer Tom Jones

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