Ladies & Gentlemen Mr. Boonman

Mr. Boonman from White Flag Productions.
What you may not know about Pedro Boonman is that he’s a great guy who's always ready to work hard for other’s ideas (point in case, ours) and play them naturally for the camera. So we thought what would he be if he wasn’t a surfer… We´re sure that he would be a success young man who built his fortune and fame around classic cars and fashion. Don’t ask us why but we’re sure of it! He agreed, until he told us that if that was the case he would probably fell a bit... dead, 'cause that life wouldn’t have surfing...
Lucky for us we've been working with him for some time now ‘cause he’s in fact one of the best surfers in Portugal. The idea was to make a core surf video and by that time his air game was his trademark. He was working hard on the other sides of his surfing and we saw him became one of the best tube riders in Portugal.
So, whenever places like Nazaré, Supertubos or his home beach break, Carcavelos, were pumping perfect barrels he was there. Evolving and having fun… He also started his approach to a hidden heavy secret slab... Another story though… So, “surfwise”, we had it all: amazing barrels, great air game and precise and power turns. He made the hard part, we just made sure we had all the footage with all the angles: land, drone, water, point of view (don´t be naughty on this one :)) - special thanks to all the additional camera men.
Then we mixed up both ideas above, shake them, dropped a green olive and voilá, this short edit, Mr. Boonman, was made!
Special thanks to Máquina Voadora for the aerial footage, all the additional camera men, plus Carlos Pinto and Joana Barrios for the awesome dressing, make up and for "stylishing" Mr. Boonman.
Music: Yemen Blues // "Ton Sourire" (Buy Song on iTunes:
Dorothy // "After Midnight" (Buy Song on iTunes:
Pedro Boonman

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