Shaping Safi - MOROCCO

IƱigo Idigoras "Palotes" and Eduardo Gomez "Peta". Safi, Morocco.

This two guys decided to make a trip to Morocco. They taught the locals how to fix and shape surfboards. Sourceless and without knowledge about the matter, the locals where unable to do this things so they can continue surfing.

The target was to make them understand shaping basics while sharing an intercultural experience. We learnt that the moroccan hospitality has a well earned reputation. They surprised us being accommodated in their homes, feeding us with their delicious local food and sharing with us the great waves that this country has to offer (we had the opportunity to watch and even surf with legends like Tom Curren or Tim Boal).
Two boards where made in this trip, the first two surfboards shaped in Safi. One was made by Palots, owner from "Ilussions Surfboards" and the other one by the owner of "Peta Surfboards" Peta.
Thanks for all and enjoy them guys.

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