Portugal: Waves, tides and hundred waters

Surfing Portugal: waves, tides and hundred waters from Berta upe Tilmantaitė.
Additional footage: Lucas Cwierz
Music: Reid Willis
Time is measured in tides here, mood - in waves and currents, happiness - in everyday moments. Instead of "Hi, how are you?" they say "Hey, how are the waves?"
Throughout the year, like ants with caring straws, surfers with their boards are roaming around Peniche, looking for perfect waves. They stand steadily on the shore and "read" the ocean, their eyes jump from one line to another. And then they dance - warm up and stretch, and disappear in the waves. "Be water, my friend", - said Bruce Lee once. And it looks that it's really possible here.
"Waves, tides and hundred waters" is a movie about ordinary guys and their not-ordinary summer in Portugal. Surfing is not only about professional surfers and their amazing skills. It's the way of life, attitude, commitment, connection with nature, friendship, exploration, discoveries, fun, challenge, improvement…
I spent the whole summer in Portugal among a bunch of guys from different parts of the world (Argentina, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, etc.) with different stories, different experiences and different future plans. They all came there to surf and have a great time together. And they did. I was around all the time and captured their every day life: surfing, hanging out, eating, skating, making barbecues, playing games, partying, etc. The small details, brief moments are what matters the most.

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