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From All Angles from Nick Nairn Smith.

I thought it was about time I filtered through my hard drives and released my usual tri-annual video of my favourite surf destination. This time I’ve put together all my own highlight waves plus a good two minutes of some impressive stand up surfing from my local friends and a few other FIFO hellmen.

All the stand up surfing, scenic and Gopro footage was shot by myself but I have to give a huge shout out and thank you to Simon Treweek, Ben Carosi, Cam Green, Sam Thomas, Andrew Chisholm and Stu Gibson for pointing their cameras/drones my way whist I was riding. Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to relieve me from my camera duties in the channel so I could catch a few waves for myself.

A lot of the Tasmanian stand up surfers down here have likely wanted to see a few of their waves that I had captured of them over the past year or so. I’m a bodyboarder but I love watching all of these guys do their thing-it’s all time to watch! So instead of letting all of my stand up footage lay dormant on my hard drive I threw it in at the end of the clip. If you really can’t stand watching bodyboarding that’s a shame but i’m not sorry you have to watch it to get to the stand up gold.

There are some amazing paddle barrels from the likes of Marti Paradisis, Shaun Walbank, James & Tyler Holmer-Cross, Mikey Brennan, Mark Mathews as well as some monster tow efforts by Danny Griffiths, Laurie Towner, Brent Dorrington and Tyler Holmer-Cross.


Nick Nairn-Smith

Shaun Walbank, Tyler Holmer-Cross, Mark Mathews, Mikey Brennan, Marti Paradisis
James Holmer-Cross, Laurie Towner, Brent Dorrington, Danny Griffiths, Mick Corbett.

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