Garrett McNamara is hosting the first event of big wave in Nazaré.

The search for Garrett McNamara of the biggest wave ever surfed in the world has led to the birth of the first event of big wave in Nazaré, Portugal, of which G-Mac will be the main spokesperson. The public will be able to live in direct rides to some of the biggest waves in the world with the same view of the spectators from the famous cliff of Nazaré, in addition it will have a visual closely with the cameras present in the water.

Big wave riders invited including Hugo Vau (Portugal), Andrew Cotton (United Kingdom), Rafael Tapia (Chile), Alex Botelho (Portugal), Maya Gabeira ( Brazil), João de Macedo (Portugal), David Langer (United States of America) and Sérgio Cosme (Portugal)

 Photo: Pedro Miranda

The event waiting period begins on November 3rd to last until 29 February 2016. At the end of the waiting period will be able to vote for their favorite Red Charger in each of the categories below after which the top five athletes in each category will choose the winner:

1. Mercedes-Benz Portuguese Performance Award
2. Thule Atmos X5 Resilience Award - Most Intense Wipeout Buondi
3. Brotherhood Award - Best Team
4. Deloitte Excellence Award- Best Ride
5. Stop Smoking Start Living Courage Award- Best Rescue
6. Perseverance Award- Best Paddle Performance

Athletes selected for each category will receive a TAG Heuer and award at least $ 5000. Athletes selected in the first category will also receive a Marcedes in use for a year.

Next spring will be released a documentary that documents the event and the expectation of the storm, telling the stories that are most relevant facts surrounding the event. G-Mac is a dream come true, having dreamed of such an event for many years.

Stay tuned on the official website for all the latest update:

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