Super Sessions II: Women Surfing Huge Waves

Super Sessions' mission is to inspire human greatness through women’s big wave surfing.

About this project
Join us in sending the world’s top female big wave surfers out to chase huge swells in this season’s Godzilla El Nino!


Super Sessions is the first and only project of its kind: a multi-media project that gives the world's most talented female big wave surfers the resources to record their most epic moments. In 2016, they will chase huge swells across the globe and share their experiences through first person video recounts on a weekly basis throughout the session. Last year’s historic event was a huge success, culminating on December 20th, the biggest day at Maverick's in five years.
Super Sessions II is launching on January 1, 2016. Our surfers, in small tight-knit groups, will embark on missions riding and capturing big waves on camera, and producing short videos for fans following online. The challenges will unfold with a number of secret twists, creating a unique and exciting dynamic for the project.

Andrea Moller, Keala Kennelly, Bianca Valenti, and Paige

Know more about this project here: kickstarter

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