Surfer loses leg in shark attack off Hawaii

Surfer loses leg in shark attack off Hawaii

A 25-year-old Oahu man has been bit by a shark while surfing on Oahu’s North Shore.
After reaching the hospital, doctors had to amputate his leg. According to doctors, the shark had bitten Colin Cook below the knee and took parts of his leg below the knee cap.
Shayne Enright, a spokesperson for the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, said that after being helped by another surfer, Cook was towed in by a kayaker. Authorities have yet to identify what kind of shark had attacked. First responders took over treatment of the patient and EMS transported him to a trauma center.
The severity of the injuries have not been confirmed, a few witnesses have reported that he appeared to have lost his leg above the knee and suffered hand injuries from fighting off the shark.
A witness told Hawaii News Now that Cook was sitting on his surfboard with his legs in the water when the attacked happened. “He’s all, ‘Yeah, I got a couple good cracks on him.’ So he was in good spirits”.
According to KHON, Ocean Safety and the Honolulu Fire Department personnel have been patrolling the waters, warning people about the attack and advising them not to enter the water.
Lifeguards patrolled the waters to warn people about the attack and signs were posted from Laniakea Beach to Waimea Bay. “So I imagine he was holding the shark off while he was punching it”.
“There was a real capable group of surfers that came in”, he said.
Forty-three of this year’s attacks (one of them fatal) occurred in the United States, more than half of them (22) in Florida.
A month before that, a Kansas visitor was bitten on his arm by a tiger shark while snorkeling at Hapuna Beach on Hawaii Island.

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