Oct. 27 Stormy waves at Nazaré

Yesterday North Cannon started the season.

Pedro Scooby at Nazaré on October 27, 2015. Photos: Romuald Pliquet

A handful of chargers, led the Brazilian Pedro Scooby and German Sebastian Steudtner took XXL swell to hit walls of water generated by the local Portuguese cannon.

Sebastian Steudtner Photo: Bruno Aleixo

Sebastian Steudtner at Nazaré on October 27, 2015 (F). Photo: Romuald Pliquet

Sebastian Steudtner. Photo: WSL / Bruno Aleixo
Pedro Scooby. Photo: WSL / Bruno Aleixo
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Surfer: Sebastian Steudtner - Ski Operator: David Langer - Drone Pilot: Alexey Orlov

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