Crowdfunding Cribbar Surf Heritage Project

To celebrate 50 years of surf culture and big-wave riding in Britain by installing a bronze surfboard sculpture overlooking The Cribbar at Towan Headland in Newquay.

Celebrate 50 years of surf culture in the UK

In order to see the project to completion, the Cribbar Surf Heritage Project need to raise £15 000 and have the backing of Newquay Town Council and Cornwall Council but still need help from the surfing community. If the Crowdfunder is successful, a 10-foot Malibu surfboard, (the same style board as ridden by The Cribbar pioneers) will be commissioned at a local foundry and installed on Towan Headland.
The campaign will run until midnight on 26th of November and pledges start at just £10 with a variety of rewards including limited edition t-shirts, signed books and prints and for a pledge of £1000 one backer will get themselves the actual custom board that will be used to cast the monument, shaped by the legendary Bilbos shaper, Chris Jones.
The Cribbar Photo: Geoff Tydeman

In recent years The Cribbar has been ridden by a steadily growing number of surfers including Ben Skinner, Josh Hughes, Rob Small, Chris Bertish, Richard Dodds,  Dom Moore, Spencer Hargraves, Gareth Llewellyn, Russell Mullins, Ben Baird, Simon Greenwood, Russ Winter, Nick Healy, Sam Lamiroy, Marcus Lascelles, Leon Mansfield, Ben Granata and several others.

You can check out the full details on the project at the official Crowdfunding site here. You can also show your support and keep up to date with all news by following The Cribbar project on Facebook and Twitter.

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