What Are the Biggest Waves?

10 - Biggest waves

The wedge, Californie - Pipeline, Hawaï - Mullaghmore Head, Irlande - Cortes banks, Californie - Shipstern Bluff, Tasmanie - Belharra, France - Nazaré, Portugal - Maverick's, Californie - Teahupoo, Tahiti - Jaws Peahi, Hawaï

Mike Parsons. Photo: Transworld SURF 

Noah Johnson, Mavericks  Photo: Doug Acton

Greg Long at Cortes Bank. Photo: Chris Dixon

Garrett McNamara, Nazaré

Bruce Irons,Teahupoo Photo: Robbo

Darrly "Flea" Virostko, Mavericks  Photo:  Frank Quirarte

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