Surfing all of India’s 28 states

Do you ever think about picking up a camera, heading to a completely foreign land, and surfing it with your best friend?
Well these guys have. And they chose the land of diversity – India.
In October 2010 Aussie mates Jonno and Stefan headed to India with a dream of surfing all 28 states. With that goal in mind, they met up with several non-profit organizations in order to give back to the country that was offering them so much.
The three-month trip ended up becoming one of the coolest indie travel documentaries to-date. It leaves viewers with a yearning to pick up a surfboard and attempt the nearly impossible, but also with the inspiration to do good and give back.
Why did they choose to surf India, where the majority of its states are inland, and not any other country? Well it could be because India alone is so much more than just one country. It’s 780 languages, 330 million gods, 1.2 billion people, exotic cuisine, alluring landscapes and most importantly amazing experiences.

While figuring out creative and hilarious ways to surf inland, Jonno and Stefan also captured the inspiring stories told and shared by all the locals they met.
This truly unique experience is one worth watching – and maybe one day experiencing yourself.

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