Perfect Empty Waves

Casey Rossi - Photographer/Surfer

Casey Rossi is a self-taught photographer born and raised in the southern end of Santa Cruz County, California.

Started shooting in a more serious fashion while he was aboard theNusantara, —a charter boat–working in the Mentawais for 3 seasons . It Is there where he started to spread his wings and set flight into photography; shooting and documenting the actions of the world around him, including visiting and touring surfers. 

From there Casey has tried to carry the torch and keep the dream alive by documenting his own experiences as he crosses the globe surfing and shooting what ever he encounters through out the journey. 

As that is what he lives for and what surfing has brought to him along the way. Casey says his goal is, “to take all the different waves, places, cultures and people in this world and to capture and freeze those moments and be able to share them with others in a unique style and form is pretty rad and rewarding.”

All Photos: Casey Rossi

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