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Nazare XXL - Historic "Epsilon" Swell!


Eyes Wide Open " Surfing Temples " is a mystical surfing film featuring peruvian surfer Alvaro Malpartida and an elite group of surfers from around the world. Filmed in the most pristine and spiritual sites of Peru, Mexico, Indonesia and Chile, Alvaro goes in a search to surf the best waves of his life. In his path he rans into renown big wave and Tube riders such as The De Col family, Gabriel Villaran, Kohl Christiansen, Oscar Moncada, Miguel Tudela, Will Dillion, Greg Long, Mark Healy,Ricardo Do Santos, Anthony Walsh and the local underground crew from each country.

Film & Edit: Sebastian Gomez Del Castillo

Extra Footage:
Gianfranco Neumann
Pedro Fortes
Gonzalo Noriega
Andres Petroni

Alvaro Malpartida
Cristobal De Col
Joaquin Del Castillo
Martin Jeri

Music: Meg Myers - Go

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