Alina Eisenhauer and Janelle Jones Bodyboard

 Surf ‘n Gourmet - Alina Eisenhauer and Janelle Jones trying to catch waves with surfers bad boys
 at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Alina Eisenhauer, Executive Chef and owner of Sweet Restaurant and Bar on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester will be hosting a new Food and Travel show called Surf n' Gourmet.

According to a press release from Working Title Media, Surf ‘n Gourmet is a travel and food reality TV show, combining a surfing adventure "with unique local cuisine as seen from the eyes of a chef who loves food and surfing."
The release said the show is "best described as Anthony Bourdain meets the 'Endless Summer', our intrepid host, Chef Alina Eisenhauer, travels the world on a hunt for great waves, the surfers who ride them, talented chefs and superior local eats. As each show travels to a new locale, she checks out the hot surf spots, the best surfers and chefs, and off-the-beaten-path places to eat."
Some of the locales for the series include: France, Portugal, Ireland, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Northern California and Central Florida. The show is shot in High Definition and combines "the beauty of the locations, incredible surfing and mouthwatering images of food."

Alina Eisenhauer and Janelle Jones

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