Charges, Sorted By Airline

Aer Lingus
VariesMay count as checked baggage to/from North America (fees vary). Excess baggage is subject to a fee of €75/$100. For all other flights, Sports Equipment is subject to a fee of €40 if paid online or a fee of €50 at the airport. No charge if you're in Business Class. Cannot exceed 110" in length or 50 lbs. One board per passenger.
Aero Mexico
$40If you purchase over the phone, it's $40. At the airport is $50. Fee is per case; up to 3 boards per case. Max length on a narrow-body cabin is 80 in. Max length on a wide-body cabin is 115 in. Max wight is 100 lbs.
Air Canada
$50+Per surfboard, one-way. Boards accepted on a space available basis, so pre-register when booking. Each board counts as one piece of checked baggage. If you exceed the checked baggage allowance you'll have to pay extra (depending on destination) in addition to the $50 handling fee. Max linear dimensions: 109 in. Max length: 80 in. No paddleboards.
Air Emirates
Free / VariesMay be included in your checked baggage (up to two bags free), but if it's over 59" the fee is $175. Must be appropriately packed, under 118" and under 23 kg (50 lbs). If you are over your allowance and have to pay an excess baggage fee, the weight limit goes up to 32 kg (70 lbs).
Air France
$55-$150If it's less than 42", it can be included in your baggage allowance. If the length is between 42" and 118" you must pay an extra fee ($55-$150, one-way) determined according to your trip. You need to call ahead for approval. Cannot exceed 50 lbs.
Air New Zealand
Free / VariesOne surfboard bag with up to two boards can be considered as one standard piece of baggage (but they have a limited checked bag allowance). Max of 50 lbs and 6'5". Overweight/oversized or excess baggage are subject to fees (anywhere from $60-$200) depending on your trip. Contact the airline for details.
Air Tahiti Nui
FreeMust be under 50 lbs and 98in (8'1"). One board is included on top of your free allowance. Each additional board is subject to an excess fee depending on your trip. Call or check their website for more info.
Free / VariesOne item (two boards per case) may be included as a checked bag. On Alaska Airlines flights 1-999 the board can be up to 9'7". On Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and 3440-3499 the maximum combined linear dimensions (h + l + w) may not exceed 115". Customers checking surf or paddleboards are charged standard overweight/oversize charges (~$75).
American Airlines
$150Multiple boards packed in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs will be accepted as a single surfboard. No bags greater than 126". For travel to, through or from Brazil the boards must be under 108" and your first board is $42.50; any additional boards are $85. For international travel, contact the airline ahead of time.
$125Up to 3 boards per bag per passenger. Up to 70 lbs and 12'. It's $125 to/from North America, but travel between Miami and Costa Rica is $100. All other international travel is $100. Travel to/from Brazil is $50 for the first bag, and $125 for each additional bag. For travel with regional airline, the fee is $30. Taxes may apply on all charges.
Bahamas Air
Free / VariesTreated as a checked bag (first bag is free). One board per bag. For international flights, if it's over 50 lbs and under 70, or if it's over 62", it's $75. If it's over 70 lbs but under 100, it's $125. If it's over 62" and 70 lbs, it's $150. For domestic flights & Turks and Caicos, if it's over 62" but under 44 lbs, it's $65. Can't exceed 100 lbs.
British Airways
Free / VariesMay count as part of your checked baggage. Boards must be smaller than 75in x 29.5in x 25.5in (6'6''). If it's over 50 lbs, prices vary anywhere from $60 to $200 depending on whether you pay online or at the airport and what type of ticket you have. If you're over your checked bag limit, additional fees apply.
Cathay Pacific
VariesCathay Pacific costs four times the $150 oversized fee. That means it is a minimum of $600 each way to get your board on the plane. That fee will go up with the thickness of your bag, as it is based on measurements. Contact the airline for more information.
China Air
VariesYou can choose to use the piece system or weight system. Must be under 9'. Excess baggage fees depend on city of departure and destination. Prices can range from $85 to $225. Call for more info.
$75Allowed 2 boards per bag/passenger. Only $50 to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and San Jose. For flights within Colombia, there's no additional cost provided the items fall under the terms of allowed luggage. For flights within Panama, it's $15. Must be under 115" and 70 lbs. Remove fins. Make reservations for your boards when purchasing your ticket.
$150Limit 2 boards per bag. Must be under 70 lbs or pay additional fees ($200). Surfboards over 115 linear inches will not be accepted. To/from Brazil is $100. Between Honolulu and Maui, it's $20.
+44330 3655454
$45-$60Under 45 lbs is $45 when booking online or $55 at the airport. Up to 70 lbs is $50 online or $60 at the airport. Per item, per flight. If it's over 70 lbs, there will be additional charges.
Hawaiian Air
$100One-way, per bag. Allowed two boards per bag. Max height 9'5" (for travel within Hawaii board can be 11') and max weight of 50 lbs. Price drops to $35 between islands. Goes up to $150 for international travel. For flights to Australia or New Zealand from USA, the board can be part of your free allowance.
$150One way. One board per passenger. Max size: 8'2". Must make request 24 hours before flight via phone. Keep in mind: "Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country." On flights from Brazil, it's $60.
Interjet (Mexico)
FreeIncluded as part of your baggage allowance. Max weight total (for all luggage) per passenger is 110 lbs.
Japan Airlines
$200Price is per bag. Two boards allowed per bag. Must call in advance. From Japan to Asia, Guam, Oceania, it's $100. For flights within Japan, it's $50.
Jet Blue
$50One-way. One board per bag. Counts as part of your checked baggage allowance. No surfboards allowed on flights to/from Bermuda, Haiti, Peru, Port of Spain, Santo Domingo and Santiago. Can't be over 100 lbs.
Korean Air
FreeIncluded as checked baggage. Must be under 50 lbs and/or 9'. If you're over your bag limit, it's $200 from the Americas (to Brazil from US is $75; to Brazil from Asia is $175).
FreeFree, as part of your checked allowance. Cannot exceed 118 linear inches or 50 lbs. If beyond your baggage allowance, excess baggage fees depend on departure/destination and range from $60-$195.
FreeIncluded as part of your baggage allowance (which depends on service class). Must be less than 70 lbs and/or 6'5". If you exceed your allowance, on continental flights it's $70; intercontinental is $150. You need to register sports baggage at least 24 hours before the flight.
FreeAs part of your checked baggage allowance, and will be subject to excess baggage charges if overweight. One board per person. Max length is 8'. If it is in excess of your allowance, there is a zone-based weight system in which fees vary from $15-$140 per 6.5 lbs depending on location.
FreeFree as part of your checked baggage. Must be in a bag and may not exceed 70 lbs and 9 ft. If it's beyond your baggage allowance, excess fees apply depending on place of departure/destination. Between Australia and Americas is $135.
FreeAs part of your checked bag allowance. After that, additional baggage is either $150 or $225 depending on destination. Only one board per person.
South African Airlines
FreeOnly one board and it must not exceed 6'5'' or 50 lbs. Larger boards must go as cargo.
$75Part of checked baggage. Each way, per bag. Fins must be removed.
TAP Portugal
VariesIf it's under 62 linear in, it can be included as part of your free allowance. Up to 6'5" is €50 for Domestic flights, Europe, Morocco and Algeria; €100 for Intercontinental. If the board is over 6'5" it's €100 for Domestic flights, Europe, Morocco and Algeria or €150 for Intercontinental. Must be under 70 lbs. Prices are one-way. Call ahead.
Thai Airways
$60 - $119One board under 9' is $60; the second board is $119. A board over 9' is also $119. If travel to/from Australia/New Zealand, the surfboard can be included in the baggage allowance. One surfboard is free to/from Bali. Contact Thai for more info.
$150-$200North America, national: $150 each way between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 each way for all other travel. Max of 99 lbs. & 9'5".
Summer '15 embargo in effect: June 1 - August 31
US Airways
$150One-way per board. Remove your fins.
Virgin Atlantic
FreeFree and doesn't count against your free checked allowance. Limit one per customer. Must not exceed 9 feet and must not exceed 50 lbs.

Surfboard Embargoes

According to, the following embargoes are in effect:

Depending on the time of year, some airlines won't even take your surfboard - for any excess baggage charge. See the list below, and ask any airline, especially if you're booking during peak travel times.

Surfboards and Wakeboards will not be accepted during an excess baggage embargo when no excess baggage is allowed (0 pieces).
Permanent and Seasonal Embargoes by City: View this list


Source: surfline

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