Infographic reveals the world's best places to surf

When it comes to surfing size matters - and this infographic reveals where you can catch the biggest and best waves.

It charts how the biggest breaks compare to each other, with the 100ft monster waves at Nazare, Portugal, towering over the rest.

Other stretches of coast with huge waves include Mavericks in California, where they can reach 80ft, Fistral Beach in Cornwall, which has recorded 40ft waves, and Cloudbreak in Fiji, where surfers ride 30ft waves.

But the infographic, by The Beach House Company, explains that it's not all about size - quality counts, too.

Many surfers like the challenge of the Pipeline in Hawaii, where waves break on a shallow reef. They are said to be among the most dangerous waves in the world.

Some spots are risky for other reasons - such as the presence of Great White sharks.

Here's the ultimate surfer's bucket list. 

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