Noah Beschen THE WILD

Like a wild animal stalks his prey, Noah Beschen approaches the ocean with the stealth and skill of a predator well beyond his years. Hailing from a family of surfing royalty the eldest Beschen is carving his own route to the throne.

Directed. Filmed. Edited: Aaron Lieber
Featuring: Noah Beschen.
Additional Footage: Layne Stratton. Peter King.
Sound Designer: Nash Howe.
Colorist: Octave Zangs.
Music: Stefano Ruggeri - Happy Medium. Blues Saraceno - Bad Man.
Special Thanks:
Shane & Sofia Beschen
Brian Connelly
Drollet Family
Shaun Ward
Pat O’Connell
Neff Headwear
Bonzai Bowls
Lieber Family

Noah Beschen

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