Miss Sage Erickson sexier than ever

Words by Elliot Struck - Stabmag

She still belongs to the World Tour. She ain’t a model, she’s a surfer. And an amazing one, too, keeping her game tight with pilates and body combat when she’s at home, and a ton of surfing when on the road.

Two themes motif the photographic series and video that Stab created in this instance: Sex and denim. The staple American diet! The first, denim, a commodity so intertwined with popular culture that Andy Warhol himself proclaimed, “I want to die with my blue jeans on!” Stab curated a selection of denim from Wrangler, one of our favourite makers, and endeavoured to present them in the most pleasing way possible. Which, obviously, was draped upon the flawless and, somehow currently unsponsored, body of Sage Erickson.

Photos by Kane Skennar
Produced by Lucas Townsend
Video by Kaius Potter
All clothing by Wrangler
H & M by Karen Burton
Styling by Paris Johnson
Music by Parcels – 

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