Video Of The Week

Coast Guard takes on giant surf in epic training session

Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith & Corey Wilson

Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith through the lens of photographer Corey Wilson.

Julian Wilson, intuitive air time Photo: Corey Wilson

Jordy Smith, frontside lightning Photo: Corey Wilson

Julian Wilson in dream glass Photo: Corey Wilson

Julian Wilson, monster alley oop Photo: Corey Wilson

Jordy Smith weaves a circle Photo: Corey Wilson

Julian Wilson, stalefish rotation Photo: Corey Wilson 

Photo editor at Surfing, Peter Taras, says: "The best thing about Corey is just how positive he is to be around. It's infectious and a lot of people like that quality. Photographers can be moody. Corey is not. He's also classic in his approach to photography. Brooks School trained. Makes the right decisions always and takes risk when he needs to."

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