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Hawaii’s Most Insane Beach Party

Red Bull Party Wave's unique brand of surf and skit fun takes Waikiki by storm.

On a normal day, the shores of Waikiki are serene. Vacationers fill the white sand beaches to kick back, relax and — if they're feeling really adventurous — maybe even boogie board.

All of that changes when Red Bull Party Wave hits the beach. Sunbathers are replaced by pirates, wrestlers and men in bikinis, all ready to surf the legendary Queens break in style.

The surfers are judged on their group surfing and, more importantly, the entertainment value of the skits they perform before launching into the ocean. This year, one run kicked off with BMX rider Mike "Hucker" Clark throwing a 30-foot front flip into the water off a ramp his team built. Jamie O'Brien of "Who Is JOB" formed a team that dressed like pirates and fought for the booty on the beach and on their board.

The competition's winners, the Queens of Queens, threw on wigs and their best bikinis to strut their stuff and take home the crown.

And the event isn't just absurd — it celebrates the origins of surfing on the beach where the sport began.

"This is the mecca for surfing in terms of having fun where the sport found its roots," Party Wave judge Kai Lenny says. "At the end of the day, you just want to go ride waves with your friends. That's the most important part of surfing."

Source: Red Bull
All Photos:  Zak Noyle

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