Professional surfers Marlon Lipke and Gony Zubizarreta have started a new side venture in surfing accessories and clothing: JAM TRACTION

The pair, who founded their label JAM TRACTION in 2014, originally only sought to create performance worthy products that would stand up to the rigors of their own professional use.
However, demand for their designs quickly spiraled once they started testing their products during competitions and free surfing sessions.

Both Marlon and Gony believe their products should be recognized by their technical performance and striking design, not only by the stars who use and endorse them.

“JAM TRACTION originated when we decided we wanted to fine-tune different accessories with an outlook on both fun and technical specifications“, says Marlon Lipke.
“We were traveling around the world surfing in all climates and conditions and found that the average products pushed out to the public weren’t quite what we needed so we decided to do it ourselves.

The first line of product they tested were deck grips and it wasn’t long before they noticed a significant demand for the product. The extension of the product line to leashes was a natural one and other product ranges are on the duo’s to-do-list.

Asked about the future of JAM TRACTION Gony says: “The accessories market is crowded, but we have seen first hand that there’s real interest in cleverly designed quality products. We’re happy to stick with what we’re good at – if we keep making custom products that not only look good, but actually improve the feel of every surf, then we’re doing our job.”

JAM TRACTION is now distributing to the best surf shops around Europe and is available via its online store www.jamtraction.com

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