Nikon / Surfing Australia – Surf Photo of the year 2014

Luke Shadbolt
I’ve decided to call this image “Salutation”. I was honoured to accept the Surf Photo of the Year in 2014 for this photo, and it also ended up on the cover of the Passing Through book I photographed in conjunction with Le Boogie Magazine, as well as on the cover of the Great Ocean Quarterly. As with all imagery, it is open to subjective interpretation, but the interesting thing about this photo is it extends beyond the realm of surf photography and is more of a conversation on the relationship of man and nature. On one hand, Renan Faccini’s (pictured) spontaneous salute to the plume of spray evokes the joy of witnessing the ocean’s power up close, an appreciation of the environment. Alternatively, it could be seen as humankind’s foolish desire to control nature, with the figure raising his arms in a mocking gesture of manipulation.

This image was shot at Joatinga Beach, in Rio De Janeiro. Incoming swells funnel into a vertical chasm in the cliff, sending spray high into the air. The exploding plumes were landing harmlessly around Brazilian surfer Renan Faccini as he waited for the rebounding waves to ride. It was shot at 1/1000th of a second, f8, iso 160 with f/2.8 400mm lens.

* Some text extracted from the Great Ocean Quarterly


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