Mike Coots Inspiration and braveheart!

When Mike Coots was 18, he lost his leg during a shark attack, but survived by punching the animal in the face. One month later, he was back in the ocean surfing.

Mike Coots, 33, is an amazing surf photographer and a shark activist, who shreds like no other.

In the deep waters off Kauai, when Coots was 18, a shark took him by surprise when it bit his leg. In an attempt to save his life, he punched the shark twice in the face before it swam away.

He lost his leg in the battle, but never wavered in his love for the ocean and his reverence for all its creatures.

Amazingly, Coots was back in the water only a month after the attack. “Being out of the water while the wounds healed was the hardest part of the attack,”.

For Coots, getting back in the water and back on a board meant getting used to his new prosthetic leg.

Coots explained the leg has a special socket designed to keep the surf leash up high on his leg to lessen the amount of pull from the leash.

The only problem, Coots said, is that “the ocean breaks it down fast… But I am fortunate to live in a time where the technology is there and to have a leg that I can walk and surf on.”

Coots said that the real risk when he surfs is losing his prosthetic leg to the power of the ocean.

Coots has become a professional photographer since his attack, regularly posting amazing photos on his Instagram of himself riding waves.

He also works as a shark activist with Pew Environment Group to fight global shark finning.
And he hopes to stop shark culling, which is being practiced currently in Western Australia and is being debated on in Maui, where there have been several unfortunate shark attacks in the past year.

Check out more of Mike Coots’ amazing photos on his Instagram and his website.

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