Kepa Acero surfs brasilian Pororoca.

Kepa Acero "I came to Brazil with the hope of surfing the Pororoca, one of the longest waves in the world.

Not yet know how I will get there, but the thing is there and see how we do. Without planning, without knowing anyone, with my backpack and my boards, I'm on a flight that takes me to a city that I have heard in my life, in order to surf the Pororoca.

The Pororoca is a natural phenomenon that happens on the equinoxes: the ocean is moving with such force that seems overflowing ... creating something that more resembles a Tsunami that what we know as a wave.

It is a mythical wave ... crosses for an hour because the banks of the Amazon razing everything gets his way ... As they say, full of crocodiles and piranhas ... here we go.

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