XXL Big Wave Awards Wipeouts

The 5 nominees for Wipeout Of The Year for the XXL Awards will make you cringe.

The final nominees have been named for the XXL Big Wave Awards, and they're always a crowd favorite: the Wipeout Award nominees. Seeing big wipeouts are always cringe-inducing, and this year's 5 nominees are some brutal ones. Sporting a menagerie of human-pounding waves, it's tough to decide which one is actually the best (err worst).

Watch all 5 below and let us know which one you think should take the award.

1 Scott Dennis at The Right

2 Marcio Freire at Jaws

3 Billy Kemper at Puerto Escondido

4 Jamie Mitchell & Chapman Murphey at Maverick's

5 Benjamin Sanchis at Nazare

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