Um dia, de cada vez

Sérgio Nunes - Um dia, de cada vez

Sérgio is one our beloved friends to whom we can always call to know how are the waves on the west coast, as soon as the sun get's up he is one of the firsts to take a look and probably get in.

He lives differently, he appreciates the little things, he doesn't need much, he have his dog, Dança, always on his side, some boards to surf and when there's no waves he goes spearfishing picks up some trash from the beach.

This is just some of his daily life tasks, but like him there's few others, as we live and surf around here we are used to see few caravans and as we knew some of them along time we always had some admiration by this way of living. In this short clip we focused on Sérgio's life and gave you a visual perception of his daily life and a notion of his believes in his own words. Enjoy.

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