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Coffey family are the Kardashians of Australian surfing

Professional surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey, 19, is the eldest of the sisters, then there’s Holly-Sue, 16, Ruby-Lee, 14, and Bonnie-Lou, 11.

Along with their brother Jackson, 18, they have a megabuck family sponsorship from Billabong that supports their beachside globe-trotting.

For over ten years - since their parents sold their family home and bought a van - they have travelled around Australia chasing waves.

Ellie-Jean says the flirtatious pictures she constantly posts online are an easy way for female surfers to brand themselves
The sisters were both home schooled after their parents sold their house to travel around Australia

Just like Kim Kardashian, Ellie-Jean is a big fan of a pouting pose and has so far earned over 300,000 Instagram followers with her bikini snaps.

If she’s not showing of her impressive skills on a surf board, she’s flaunting her impressive tan next to her blonde friends on the sand or by the pool.

In a shoot this week the eldest Coffey sisters posed for Sellers in denim shorts and bikini tops.

Earlier this year, Ellie-Jean defended the images she posts online, saying that surfing is an 'exotic sport' and posting pictures of herself is just part of her life as an athlete.

She said the flirtatious pictures she constantly posts online are an easy way for female surfers to brand themselves.

'As much as we're competitive and we're athletes, we're also promoting a healthy lifestyle and we're, you know, a little bit sexy,' Ellie-Jean told Sunrise in March.

'We're in bikinis, we're in the water constantly.

'Nowadays it's a much easier way to brand yourself. Having this whole modelling lifestyle and kind of just going off what I do online has only added extra to what I was already doing.'

Ellie-Jean told Sunrise host Samantha Armytage she doesn't feel pressure to look a certain way.

'Fortunately looking fit and well is just a result of training hard and leading a healthy lifestyle which surrounds a professional athlete,' she said.

'[Bikinis are] just what I wear. Also being in the sun so much, your hair is really blonde and your skin goes very tanned so that's definitely a positive as well.'

The Australasia Pro Junior Series Champion says on her Billabong bio page that she wanted to be an actress when she was a child and that Marilyn Monroe is her biggest inspiration.

Meanwhile, her younger sister Holly-Sue has over 100,000 fans on her Instagram account, which features photos similar to Ellie’s.

On her Billabong bio page, Holly-Sue says her favourite thing about surfing is doing it ‘with my Dad and Mum and my brother and sisters, surfing with my family is so much fun’.

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