DIY Camper Van Conversion. Full Build Timelapse

6 months of building a camper van condensed into 18 minutes for anyone who'd like the TL;DR version.

Chapters: 00:00 - What kind of Van 00:11 - Removing the interior 00:31 - Roof Rails 00:50 - Ceiling Fan 01:31 - Window 02:04 - Subfloor 02:19 - Sheep’s Wool Insulation 02:35 - Plywood Flooring 03:13 - Solar Panels 04:09 - Pull-Out Bed 06:19 - Kitchen Cabinet 07:02 - Salvaged Timber Benchtop 07:52 - Work Desk 08:41 - Overhead Cabinets 09:41 - Ceiling Frame 10:00 - Painting 10:14 - Installation 10:24 - Off-Grid Electrical System 11:04 - Wiring Ceiling Fan 11:24 - LED Lighting 11:57 - Sink and Benchtop Installation 12:11 - Plumbing 13:04 - Flip Down Table / Water Tanks Access 13:18 - Flip Up Table 13:37 - 3D Printed Latches 13:51 - Last things for the Kitchen Cabinet 14:05 - Pull-Out Bed: Latches 14:24 - Insulation and Plywood Panels 15:09 0 Finishing up the Desk 15:20 - Box for the portable toilet / Seating for Desk 15:38 - Templating for Flooring 16:00 - Curtains (with magnets) 16:22 - Mattress Cushions 17:04 - Finishing up



This week we landed on Oahu and are currently situated on the North Shore. In preparation for the upcoming World Championship Tour ,which is to be held at the notorious 'Pipeline', I decided to come and spend a few weeks training with one of the greats 'Shane Dorian'. Surfing these types of waves have never been my strong suit but I'm finding with uncomfortability comes progression.


Interceptor 007 Faces the First Rain Event in LA (& stops 35,000 lbs of waste)

Interceptor 007 is operational in Ballona Creek, LA County, and the first rains of the storm season have arrived - bringing the first flushes of plastic waste.

See how Interceptor 007 handled its first real-life test (and how a few teething problems were solved) and listen to the reactions of LA County residents to how The Ocean Cleanup is helping reduce plastic pollution in their community.

As a non-profit, donations and in-kind support enable us to work towards our goal of ridding the world's oceans of plastic.

Donation to The Ocean Cleanup ๐Ÿ‘‰

Learn more and support us at


The Thor star shared an impressive video of him and one of his 8-year-old twin sons skateboarding

Chris Hemsworth and his boys didn't let poor surfing conditions ruin their afternoon of fun.

The Thor star, 39, shared an impressive video of him and one of his 8-year-old twin sons skateboarding on Tuesday when they needed a new activity as the "surf went flat" and they couldn't head to the beach.

In the clip, Hemsworth and his son duck as they skate under a "palm tree barrel" and high-five as they continue down a path.

"Surf went flat, no problem, the boys found some palm tree barrels and spent the day getting shacked," Hemsworth captioned the video.

The actor, who shares twin sons Sasha and Tristan, plus daughter India, 10, with wife Elsa Pataky, has previously shown off his sons' surfing skills, recently celebrating one of his boys on Instagram for tube riding — or riding inside the barrel of a breaking wave — for the first time.

The post included a short clip of his son in action and a stunning black-and-white photo of the epic experience.

"My 8 year olds first ever tube! something he and I are gonna remember forever," he captioned the post. "Amazing to see him attack it again and again and finally it all line up!"

The Marvel actor also thanked Surf Lakes, a wave park in Australia, for "another epic day."

Professional surfers Dean Morrison and Yadin Nicol gave Hemsworth's son their seal of approval in the post's comment section.

"Nothing better then hearing the stoke after that wave ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜‰," Morrison shared while Nicol added, "Whaaaat!? That was epic ๐Ÿ™Œ."

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