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Sonic Souvenirs is a series of portraits that takes us on an exploration of art, music and surfing with Mikey February. Our first episode trails Mikey close to home journeying up and down the East and West coast of South Africa. A spiritual - almost mystical visual experience with his natural environment.


Vans Presents a series of portraits with Mikey February
Episode 1 South Africa
Directed by Kai Neville
Produced by We’re Free Radicals
Cinematography Paul Daniel
16mm Cinematography Fabian Vettiger
Still Photography Alan Van Gysen
Art Direction Callum Abbott
Colourist Fergus Rotherham
Original Music by Madala Kunene and Friends
Sound Design Thom Pringle


Ben Gravy | Early Season WEDGE going Bonkers with Catch Surf team

Video from Ben Gravy.

Absolutely stoked to get a Wedge session in while out here in California during the early season. The sand is pretty nuts right now, with a full side wedge & crazy tubes right on the beach. Even tho I didn't catch the bigger day of this swell I'm stoked to get some "novelty sized wedge" & enjoy my time in CA with the Catch Surf team! Thanks everyone for all of the stoke & support! - Ben


Committed: Surfing the Northeast

"Committed: Surfing the Northeast" tells the story of Shane Hunt. This film details how Hunt grew up in the heart of surfing in San Clemente California before moving to New York and eventually Rhode Island, but has been able to surf all throughout his life. 

The intimate, testimonial style documentary outlines how he grew up surfing, strengthened his relationship with his now wife through surfing, and has remained a dedicated surfer regardless of how challenging his life circumstances have made it to surf. 

This film was produced throughout the course of 2020 and 2021, and offers a look into surfing in RI in both the summer and winter months. With shooting locations in Providence, Newport, Narragansett, and Matunuck, Rhode Island, this film offers great perspective into what it takes to surf in the smallest state in the country.

This film was produced by Rhode Island video production company, BYB Pictures. Directed by Mark Bucknam, produced by Bruce Bendheim and edited by Howard Yang the film represents BYB Picture’s first entry into the surf documentary genre.



Video from Kyllian Guerin.

Let's stay on the Caribbean coast, but this time to discover a crazy slab which in my opinion is the most dangerous wave in Costa Rica that I have had the opportunity to surf. An opportunity for Noa and me to discover this secret spot that deserves to be earned. An immersion in the very essence of surfing !! Then return to a very powerful beach break, near Puerto Viejo for a very radical session at nightfall. With as a bonus, a new competition game !! Let's go for "Pura Vida" Episode 8.


Surfing Rules/Etiquette illustrated

Surfing Etiquette, it can be described as the official list of rules for the sport of surfing. It's one of those things that as a learner surfer you NEED to know before hitting the water. By following the below rules/etiquette you will not only be kept safe in the surf but you will also earn respect amoungst fellow surfers.  Having these rules allows us all to surf in harmony with one another.  If there were no rules to surfing the lineup would be total chaos!

1.Do NOT drop in - the surfer closest to the peak has right of way

2. Do NOT Hassel
Surfing Rules

3. Communicate

4. Stay out of the way

5. Hold onto your board

With the growing conflict between old-school surfers and younger surfers,
here’s a quick refresher on surf etiquette that applies to all those who enter the water.


Surfing with an ice pack

Not only polar bears can go on ice sheets: in Russia sup surfers have opened the season by traveling on a huge ice floe along the Volga River.

Paddle boarders from Samara, a Russian city located on the left bank of the Volga River , decided to take a ride on a huge ice floe on April 3.

The video, provided by one of the organizers of this unusual swim, Ilya Popov, shows a group of surfers going on a drifting block of ice . According to Ilya Popov, it is the first time that the event called "hijacking of an ice floe" has taken place in Samara continuing the annual tradition of traveling on the ice sheets born in Vladivostok.

Organizers say the trip "was not without adventures" as people watching the swim were so worried about the surfers that they called rescuers who came in the airship and landed the floe on the shore.

The organizers say that all the participants in the event had special clothes and everything necessary to save themselves in case of emergency.


‘Daughters of the Waves’ with Vahine Fierro

Surfer Vahine Fierro is featured in the film ‘Daughters of the Waves,’ which is making its debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Teahupo’o is at once the most breathtakingly gorgeous yet gut-wrenchingly dangerous surf breaks on the planet.

With waves of turquoise water crashing down onto dry reef, those who are brave enough to ride it rarely emerge unscathed.

The iconic Tahitian wave (pronounced cho-poo) officially has been christened the surf arena for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The announcement already has even the most talented Olympic-level competitive surfers trembling, training and strategizing their way to the gold at Teahupo’o.

 The tale of one such hopeful just made its Santa Barbara International Film Festival debut. "Daughters of the Waves" follows the story of Tahitian-born pro surfer and Teahupo’o regular Vahine Fierro as she sets her sights on representing France in 2024.

Directed by Sebastien Daguerressar and Lisa Monin, the film chronicles the 21-year-old’s island upbringing, passion for surfing and strong sense of family. The subtitled documentary follows not just Fierro, but it shares the experiences of the groundbreaking Tahitian female surfers of the past as well as the up-and-comers, including her two younger sisters, ages 16 and 14.

“My sisters are my everything,” Fierro said in a recent interview. “They are the ones who keep me motivated to do good in life. I want to be an example for them, so they are always pushing me without even knowing that they are. When I’m surfing with them, it gives me this feeling that nothing else can.”

The story is filmed against a backdrop of tropical jungle, hidden waterfalls, crystal-clear seas and rainbow-streaked skies.

With Fierro as the lead, the Channel Islands Surfboards team rider is joined on screen by former female surf legends of the area, surf photographers, an Olympic surf coach and members of the community, all of whom continue to play a significant role in Fierro’s sense of identity as a female and professional surfer and who continue to support Fierro as she pursues her dream of a 2024 Olympic win.

“Daughters of the Waves” is directed by Sebastien Daguerressar 
and Lisa Monin.(Courtesy photo)

Filmmakers Monin and Daguerressar explained what inspired the surf flick: “For the very first time, surfing will be part of the Olympic games — whether it's Tokyo 2021 or Paris 2024. Teahupo’o has been chosen to host the competition for the Paris 2024 games. This wave is considered so dangerous that the only annual international competition organized there decided in 2006 to stop the female contest. Suddenly, the focus of our documentary became clearer: how women nowadays are proving that they are as good as men, even when it comes to big waves.

"Vahine Fierro's story was perfect. The story of a girl from a remote island, with an American dad who took part in surf contests when he was younger, and who happened to become a junior world champion plus the first Polynesian girl to confront Teahupo’o at that level. The story became even clearer when we realized that she inspired a whole generation of young girls, starting with her own sisters, who see her as a role model.”

Channel Islands Surfboards CEO and board-builder Britt Merrick said of Fierro: “Vahine is one of the bravest, most fierce young ladies I’ve ever known. She also possesses a deep, mysterious quality of inner strength, dignity and kindness that makes her seem like some sort of royal figure out of the past. But her surfing is on the modern cutting edge of women’s performance possibilities. She’s destined for greatness.”

Fierro said she is thrilled about the film’s SBIFF release.

“I’m excited for the movie to be published in the U.S.," she said. "I’m most proud of representing my family, friends and country throughout my surfing career. This is why I do it: to share my experiences with my favorite people. I hope that the audience will learn to just be themselves, to stay close to healthy people that motivate you or inspire you to be the best version of yourself. And the rest will follow.”

Click here to buy tickets to view the film online.


Michal Pelka’s Atmospheric Images Of Breaking Waves At Dusk

Michal Pelka’s Atmospheric Images Of Breaking Waves At Dusk

In this serene photographic series, Dutch photographer Michal Pelka captures ocean waves as they break—turning his love of the sea into a career with his peaceful wave photography.

Based in Monster, a seaside town in the Dutch province of South Holland in The Netherlands, Pekla uses his surroundings as inspiration for his work. “It’s not exactly a country known for its abundant sea life or epic surf, but every now and then, our North Sea knows exactly how to surprise me,” he says. Having lived in Western Australia with the Indian ocean on his doorstep, Pelka decided to combine his passions for surfing and the ocean with photography, buying his first proper underwater camera. “I jumped in the ocean and didn’t look back,” he says. “It quickly became an obsession to be in the water, capturing our interaction with it and to find the true essence of it, all in a single photograph.’

Through his images, Pelka demonstrates the timing and skill that is needed to surf the cold and windy waves of the North Sea, where there are sometimes violent storms and large swells. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the photographer often traveled to find big waves abroad, welcoming challenging conditions in countries like France, Portugal, and Spain to get the perfect shot.

Light over Darkness

All images © Michal Pelka

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‘Daughters of the Waves’ with Vahine Fierro

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