Drone Promotion - UP Air Upair One Plus Professional Version

 New UP Air Upair One Plus Professional Version. 
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Upair One Plus is a professional aerial photography drone with brushless 2-axis gimbal and 16MP HD 4K camera, which is capable of taking super stable 4K aerial video.
And it's equipped with dual mode GPS system, so that it can hover at a certain point very stable. With 5.8G image transmission system, you can enjoy fun and convenient FPV flight.
And it's equipped with follow-me and waypoint function for more aerial fun, and low battery failsafe and lost control failsafe provide a secured flight.

11.1V 5400mAh LiPo battery supports flight time of 19mins.
16MP HD camera with less than 15° low distortion lens.
Support 4K aerial video recording.
5.8G image transmission with 800m long range.
Dual mode GPS system provides follow-me mode and precise hover and auto return.
Low battery failsafe and lost control failsafe provide a secured flight.
11.1V 1500mAh LiPo battery is equipped for the remote controller.

Item: Upair One Plus
Main Material: ABS
Weight (Battery & Propellers Included): 1298g
Diagonal Size: 350mm
Motor: 2212 brushless motor
Max Speed: 14m/s (horizontal)
Max Flight Time: About 19 minutes
Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS and BEIDOU dual mode
Battery Type: 3S LiPo Battery
Capacity: 5400mAH
Voltage: 11.1V

FOV: 112°
Sensor: 1/2.3”
Chip: CMOS
Photo Resolution: 16 Megapixels
FOV: 112° Wide angle, <15° distortion
Video Resolution: 4K 25FPS / 2.7K 30FPS / 1080P 60FPS / 720P 120FPS
Photo Format: JPG
Video Format: MP4/MOV
Storage: Support topmost 32GB Micro TF (not included)

Stabilization: 2-axis (pitch, roll)
Control range: Pitch -10°~90°
Control accuracy: ±0.2°
Max rotation speed: 15° / s

Remote Controller:
Control Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Image Frequency: 5.8Ghz
Control Distance: 1000m
Image Transmission Distance: 800m
Working Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 1500mAH
Charge Time: about 2 hours
Working Time: 1 hours
New UP Air Upair One Plus Professional Version. 
Regular Price: US$599.99
(51% OFF)
Price: US$
299.99 »»Buy Now««

Holy Meola!

Holy Meola! from Casey Acaster
Editing and GFX by Casey Acaster

"Holy Meola! is a punchy portrait of (arguably) the most unique and talented brother-sister duo in the surf world today: Matt and Lily Meola. Matt has Warhol-like ingenuity when it comes to creativity and panache in aerial surfing. The first time we saw him surf, we saw something of a ping pong ball flying through the air and sticking EVERYTHING. He’s unflappable – with knees of steel. Gumby, we say! His younger sister Lily is no slouch either. With syrupy, Winehouse-esque country pipes, Lily’s on a fast track to becoming a household name. She just released a new album called They Say…, and Rolling Stone called her “one of ten country artists you need to know.” As it turns out, superstar kids don’t appear out of thin air. With love and support from their mother, Nancy, and Dad, Gary, they’ve got the brother/sister, family dynamic on lock. Outside of surfing, outside of music, it’s family first. And what a fine family to be. Meet the Meolas."



The PURPLE FISH from Marcelo Neto

Hello fellows!
Filipe Hage is a soul surfer/shaper from Rio de Janeiro
who's been a lonely drifter on his journey into forms and designs
looking at the past in order to move forward
he spent ten years between Rio and Lisboa
developing all kinds of shapes
and putting that knowledge on his backpack
Here Felipe open up his shaping room and show us his art
And now we presented it to you
enjoy the ride on a Purple Fish!

A Film by

Descanso de Tela
Chico Correa & Electronic Band
find more music @

NEW album [check it out!]

thanks for watching !!!


Jordy Smith - Beyond the Tour

Introducing 'Beyond The Tour', a new series shining the spotlight on Jordy Smith in and out of the water. Get Inside access to Jordy’s journey through the exotic stops of the tour filled with free surf sessions and exclusive highlights. This edition delves into the South African leg where Jordy ignited J-Bay with his perfect 10s – it also features an inside look at Trestles and Jordy’s life at his adopted home in California. Beyond the Tour brings to life the voyage & emotions of a pro surfer. Catch Jordy dialing into his equipment, shred novelty waves, and dive into South Africa & California.


The Gudauskas Brothers collecting Over 650 Donated Surfboards


DIY Surfboard Bike Rack

For those who travel around town by bicycle, they know riding with a surfboard under the arm can be cumbersome and awkward. In this episode of Surf Sufficient, our friend Travis Newhouse helps make that bike commute to the beach much sweeter. By adding a surfboard rack to your rig, your shred sled can be stowed comfortably as you head out for a stoke.

These instructions are a guideline. Each bike and surfboard are different. Be sure to measure your own bike and surfboard, and dry-fit the pieces before you glue them together. We want you to have a safe ride to the beach - make sure the rack will not inhibit your movement on the bike, and that your front tire can turn freely without contacting the surfboard.

4 - 1" PVC T-joint
6 - 1" PVC 90 degree elbow
4 - 1.75" diameter hose clamps
10' PVC pipe (Schedule 40)
6' foam pipe insulation for 1" pipe
PVC cement
bungee cords

sandpaper or file
measuring tape
flathead screwdriver

1. Measure the diameter the bike's seat tube and down tube.
2. Transfer measurement to the opening at the top of the T-joint, and cut off the top of the T-joint.
3. Place one T-joint on the bike near enough to the pedal to measure the distance to the outside of the pedal. Include enough clearance for your foot, but shorter distance will result in a stronger rack. On this bike, the distance was 8.5 inches.
4. Attach T-joints to bike with hose clamps. For now, tighten only enough to remain in position.
5. Cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe to the length measured in Step 3. Clean up the ends of the cuts with sandpaper or a file. Insert PVC pipe pieces into T-joints.
6. Install two 90* elbows onto PVC pipes, with opening facing the ground.
7. Cut two 3" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into 90* elbow.
8. Install T-joints onto short pieces such that the openings are facing each other.
9. Determine the length of the crossbeam by measuring distance between the T-joints. Be sure to include 1" at each end for the portion of the pipe that fits into the joint. Cut PVC pipe to length for the crossbeam, and insert the crossbeam into the T-joints.
10. Cut two 11" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into the ends of the T-joints that face the ground. The suggested length is to fit most surfboards and bikes. Make sure the rack will not extend too close to the ground.
11. Install 90* elbow at the bottom of the pipe, with its opening facing away from the bike.
12. Measure the thickness of your surfboard. Be sure to consider the bulk of a travel bag, if you use one. Add approximately 1/2" for the thickness of the foam padding. Cut two pieces of PVC pipe to length, and insert into the opening of the 90* elbow.
13. Install 90* elbows on the ends of each short piece, with opening facing up.
14. Cut two 12" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into the 90* elbows. The length of this piece should be less than the width of the board when mounted in the rack. This will ensure the bungee cord can hold the board in the rack.
15. With all the pieces dry-fit, check the fit of your board in the rack.
16. Before disassembling, mark the alignment of pipes and joints that extend out from the bike. Draw a line on the pipes and the T-joints attached to the bike, and also at the top 90 degree elbows.
17. Glue the pipes to the T-joints attached to the bike. Be sure to align the marks made in Step 16.
18. Glue the 90 degree elbows to the pipes extending from the bike. Be sure to align the marks made in Step 16.
19. On a flat surface, glue remaining two T-joints to the crossbeam. Use the flat surface to ensure the T-joint are aligned in the same plane. Also, glue the two 3" pieces into the T-joints.
20. Glue the crossbeam into 90* elbows.
21. Glue the 11" pieces of PVC pipe into the bottom of the T-joints.
22. Continue to glue pieces: 90* elbow followed by short piece of pipe, then another 90* elbow, and finally the 12" vertical piece.
23. Attach the foam insulation to the rack.
24. Drill holes for the bungee cords. Ensure that the holes are low enough to avoid metal hooks contacting the surfboard.
25. Enjoy your ride to the beach!

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