Ben Gravy | HOW Surfing Changed My Life

Surfing has had such an amazing impact on my life. 7 years ago I was out partying and drinking every single night & because of a simple choice to follow my heart and do what's right I ended up picking up a Catch Surf log & riding a bunch of seemingly pointless little novelty waves. All those tiny waves stacked up to become one massive, unstoppable tidal wave of the DREAM! This is IT! Thank you Nub Nation for all of the stoke & support in my life! FOR THE DREAM!!! - Ben Gravy


VAN BUILD from start to finish | Only 21 years old, she built her house on wheels

My name's Amelise, I'm 21 and live full time in my van (my parents do aswell!). I have a little dog called Gigi who travels around with me.

This week I thought I'd show you how I built my van from start to finish.
This took about 1.5 years during the lockdowns and was a good distraction for me! I had many days where I wanted to give up on the build, because it was so mentally challenging at some points, especially in winter. However,  now I have my tiny home and I know how to fix everything if anything goes wrong in it!



Video by Kale Brock.

This is the greatest twin fin surfboard you can buy. If you want to surf twin fins (and you should), then you need to watch this video (and series!). In this episode of The Greatest Twin Fin Series, number four, I share with you which board is the winner of our test. 

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of surfing my way through eleven different surfboards from the world’s best shapers and have whittled them down to four finalists. Sadly, we left behind some good crafts along the way which you can check out in previous episodes, but it’s these four particular boards, the finalists, that have stood out as being predictable, easy crafts with lots of effortless speed and control to offer the rider. 

Today, we’ll decide a winner; the best twin fin in the world. 


Surfing Good Ala Moana Bowls

Some of the surfers here include: Keoni Jones, Flynn Novak, Eala Stewart, Keala Kennelly, Matteus Santos, and others.  Day 1 (May 31, 2022) was big and gnarly at Bowls with do or die barrels but Day 2 (June 1, 2022) after 3pm was smooth and consistent allowing for more forgiving barrels, hacks, and of course plenty of party wave action.  


Full Movie | "HONO" Immersion in the land of watermen

More than an earthly paradise or a paradise for all surfers, French Polynesia is the cradle of a culture. It is on this ancestral land of sliding sports that Mathieu Crépel, Ludo Dulou, Pierre Lopez and Ludo and Jérémy Teulade decided to live an exceptional adventure. From Tahiti and its Teahupo'o peninsula to the depths of the Tuamotus, the 5 watermen set out to meet men and women who all have a unique relationship with nature and its water sports. This journey charged with Mana, this mystical energy that vibrates in the Pacific islands, sounds like a real homecoming.

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