Six Weeks on the North Shore with Kyuss King

Kyuss King’s had a one-track mind to become a professional surfer since the first moment he stood on a board. If there’s a single place you need to prove yourself in order to reach “pro status”, it’s on the North Shore of Oahu. At 17 years old, Kyuss has put in a solid amount of time along the 7-Mile Miracle, each and every year. This past season he brought his game to a new level. From experiencing his first session at Waimea, to charging Insanities, and tearing apart Haleiwa, Kyuss is shaking out of the grom days and into the big leagues.


Jobe Harriss in ‘Mor’

Jobe Harriss in 'Mor' from Piran John Miller

A short film Jobe Harriss and I shot throughout the winter of 2017-18. We scored a couple of days, and it seemed like too good an opportunity to waste. We decided to use the footage for something rather than just release them as raws. We settled on 'Mor' the Cornish word for Sea/ocean. Plays quite nicely, as we were always after 'more' dream sessions.

This film really caused me to re-evaluate how I film surfing, I've been doing it for many years. Working in film and TV, being able to use the best equipment in the world has really made me want to up my personal game. Im looking into new cameras and other bits of kit. I feel as though I have a lot of room to improve.

Track: We stayed up all night, by Tourist.

Sony cameras used during the film, Sony A7. A Meikon underwater housing was used for the in water cinematography. In addition to this the audio was captured with a Rode Microphone mounted to the camera(s). Finally the latest version of Final Cut Pro X was used for the editing process.


Vague à l'âme Full Trailer

The trailer for big-wave surfing documentary, Vague à l'âme.

Directed by Vincent Kardasik & featuring Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian, Jack Robinson, & Justin Becret, this film tells the full story of the blood, sweat, & tears behind what it takes to surf the heaviest waves on the planet.

See below for premiere dates + details:

London, England (May 19): 

Lisboa, Portugal (May 21):

Barcelona, Spain (May 22):

Munich, Germany (May 23):

Paris, France (May 31):

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